How to Address…Demand Barking

Play time is over (and trust me, it was long enough!) and I know I need to make a phone call. As soon as the phone comes out of my pocket..."Bark! Bark bark bark! Bark bark!" Important piece to finish writing by a deadline? "Bark bark bark!" I go to the back room to feed... Continue Reading →


Tips for a Budget-Friendly Gluten Free Vegan Diet

Hello and welcome (or welcome back)! I have to admit, I tend to get pretty excited when someone leads into a conversation with, "So I really want to/tried to be vegan, but I haven't been able to because I..." There are a few ways to finish that sentence, but financial concerns about the vegan diet,... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Kindness Learned from Dogs

I'm always amazed by the capabilities of dogs. Certainly, service dogs provide physical and emotional support for sufferers. They can also "sniff out" biological changes in people that signify serious illnesses, most notably cancer, and are capable of detecting oncoming seizures in patients, too. It stands to reason that their day-to-day lives are also fascinating... Continue Reading →

Living Well with Chronic Illness

I realize I'm digressing from my recent trend, which has been mostly recipes and posts about animals. I promise food, friends, and DIY still are (and will always be!) at the core of all my escapades. But I also live every day of my life with several chronic conditions; autoimmune disorder that compounds over time,... Continue Reading →

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